About Our Practitioners

Katy Neisler

My name is Katherine Neisler. I began my journey onto a leader and healer’s path through astrology. It was through my mother and the site Gaia Blooming that I found Nicole Oman, back in 2014. In 2015 I took her Artist Way class and fully dove into my healing journey.

It was through working with Nicole that I found a natural talent for tarot reading. I read cards periodically for clients, but spent almost a year reading at the Lighthouse Bookstore in Boulder, CO. Now I use the beautiful Dreams of Gaia Tarot to channel the highest truth for you in that moment. I have my Mahatma Reiki attunement Level One and Two from Leigh Anne Guiveyan.

This is being integrated into my readings and sessions, to bring unconditional love into the precise truth. I also co-created with Nicole the workshops that are held three to four times per year. I love working in ceremony spaces and bringing precise shamanic work into these healings.

My journey experience has been intimately connected with my relationship to the body and food. I also have walked the path of maiden, of leaving relationship, of finding your true self, of self-love, compassion, and respect, of working with shadows and the intimate inner parts of ourselves, and of fast paced process and integration. If any of these journeys feel closely connected to yours at this time, I have the empathy and experience that can help you navigate your own.


Candy Murrell

My awakening journey first began in 2014 with a body building bikini competition where I first started learning that self-love is really an inside job. It is not something that is truly influenced by factors outside of yourself. No matter what you look like or who loves you, you can only find a true sense of happiness and love once you have first learnt how to give that to yourself. This is a lesson I began to learn, embody and integrate into in all areas of my life throughout the next 5 years of my life.

In 2015 I experienced two unexplained seizures that threw me into an absolute world of fear. I felt out of control in my own body and I completely shut down and isolated to prevent further seizures. The key awareness I had was that there are two choices in life. Love or Fear. Living in fear wasn’t protecting me at all, that was the illusion, and in fact it was destroying me. I started committing to choosing love and that is where I found creativity. I began to write and paint purely just by exploring colours and blending and found it to be incredibly therapeutic. I loved creating and it was through writing and painting that I found a real sense of freedom and joy. It wasn’t until May 2018 when I held my first solo art exhibition that I looked back and realised that through painting I had in fact connected to my higher self and had been healing the fragmented parts of myself through creative expression.

During 2016 I went on an incredible two week retreat to India where I purged fear amongst sacred sisters and made a commitment to let go of what was no longer serving me. In India I fully committed to the light and finding my purpose. On my return I began connecting and exploring spirituality through completing my Usui Reiki 1, 2, and Master training in Australia. As a result in the dramatic shifts that occurred within me I began slowly unravelling, releasing and healing from codependency as I let go of a 12 year karmic relationship in 2017 after calling off the wedding. Through this process I continued to paint and I called upon a tribe of scared sisters to support me through this process. Later that year I invited in a new conscious and healthy loving relationship dynamic right before leading and running a women’s retreat to India “Let go & Let India.” In 2018 I committed to 1:1 mentorship with Nicole to help me birth my first solo art exhibition and talk sharing my story and my transformation demonstrated through the story of each of my paintings. It was the most liberating and joyful (and scary) thing that I have ever achieved and it has become the foundation for my sacred work and stepping further into my dharma as I continue to commit to walking this path.

Now, my mission is to liberate you and your creativity so that you can be happy and free as you craft your life into your very own masterpiece. If you resonate with my story and are going through a similar experience of unravelling in your life, it is my divine purpose to support and guide you along your transformation through my one on one mentoring and group classes.


Sasha Sheldon

In a way, my entire life has been a slow awakening, or more like a remembering. I searched and searched for something greater than myself for as long as I can remember. I always knew there was something more than what my eyes could see, or what I could touch, but no church or religion ever seemed to fit. For my entire life I have received messages from the other side during my dream time. I’ve had many interactions with spirits and Angels as a child, I knew when things were about to happen right before they did, and I’ve even experienced an NDE (near death experience) around the age of 12. My sprit guides were always around and trying to get my attention. However, I never had a human guide or teacher to help me understand what it all meant. So, I did what I have come to learn what most highly sensitive children have do, I shut a lot of it down.

Thankfully, my guides were persistent. They put two people in my life that I had to work with every day for four years. They became a living, breathing source of guidance that nudged me towards finding my inner truth. Then, in 2017 I started to get so many clear messages night after night in my dream time. My visions (clairvoyance) while awake, and voices (clairaudience) were getting so strong, that I couldn’t ignore them, even if I wanted to. It was my time to finally wake up for good. So I did.  A part of that included separating myself from a co-dependent marriage, which allowed us both to do our own inner work as individuals.

I started by going to workshops and one-on-one sessions with The Spirit Guide Coach,  Aja at Spirit House Collective. She helped me connect deeper to my Spirit Guides and gain guidance and clarity on my marriage and my purpose. I also worked with a healer, Storm Cole on emotional and physical healing. She was my introduction to past life regression work.  While I was doing my inner work during and navigating the separation from my marriage, my husband chose to end his life. If there was any doubt in my mind about needing to going on my inner healing journey, it vanished in the moment I lost him on this physical plane. It was as if all the air and life got sucked out of me; a part of me died that day too. It was my Shamanic Death. There was no turning back for me at that point. I had to peel myself up off the pavement and bring myself back to life.

After giving myself a few months to properly grieve on my own, I eventually reached out to my new friend and mentor Nicole Oman. She taught me how to heal myself, and which ultimately taught me how to help others to heal themselves.  We worked on deep heart healing, shadow work, connecting and integrating with my higher self, and working through forgiveness and acceptance to name a few. She has initiated me into the work of being a teacher/healer, and to walk the path of the warrior.  Through the initiation process, I learned how to hold space for others, hold a ceremony, give Cord Cuttings, DNA activations, Grid Work, helping spirits cross over/transition, and house and land clearing/protection. I was simultaneously working with a Shaman by the name of Katy Ingersol. She trained me in how to Journey, give Soul Retrieval, Soul Release, Power Animal Retrieval, and retrieve Soul Prescriptions. I was also trained and certified by Helen Vonderheide and Dr. Linda Howe in the Akashic Records.

I also have experience as an actor, photographer, and director. I have been creative since I was a young child. I received my BFA in Photography back in 2007 and continue to make images till this day. Being an artist and expressing myself in that way is such a big part of who I’m. I love connecting with people in that space. It’s much like when giving a healing session, I’m healing a part of myself.  When I photograph someone, in an essence I’m making a self-portrait.  I believe there is so much healing with art.  Along with being an artist, my journey experience has included being bullied and harassed, co-dependency, addiction, leaving a marriage, depression, anxiety, loss, grief, death, suicide, self-worth, self-love, self-trust, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, past lives, and ancestral healing. If you connect to any of those at this point in your journey and want to find your love, happiness, joy, and peace within yourself, then I can be that mirror for you. I will see you, so you can see your truth. I can assist you in connecting to your divine light and shadows within so that you can heal yourself and begin living and speaking your truth.


Ryan Oman

My name is Ryan Oman. My spiritual journey began in northern Michigan, at my family’s cottage. While I was goofing off with my girlfriend and my best friend, I was in such an immense state of joy that I popped! That night and for the next 48hrs, I had an enlightenment experience. It woke me up to the world beyond maya (the veil of illusion separating us from our rightful unity with God).

This process sent me into a few years of coping with the sensation that things were not quite what they seem. Soon enough, I was able to convince myself that the whole thing was just a panic attack and got back to my career as an actor/personal trainer, in Los Angeles.

My girlfriend then traveled to India, studied with a guru named Amma and insisted I meet her guru. I did and all the “weird feelings” came flooding back. Shortly after, Amma married us, I left my career in entertainment, we had our first child and I dedicated myself to being a husband/father. I continued working with fitness clients of all ages and sizes as we moved all over the country. We visited 22 states (and I completed 22 triathlon races) before we finally landed in Golden, CO, exhausted but hopeful.

Since then, I’ve had a second daughter, worked for several gyms and began to fervently meditate. My studies began with Zen Buddhism (Hollow Bones Rinzai School) then quickly shifted to The Self-Realization Fellowship (founded by Paramahansa Yogananda) and its focus on Kriya Yoga.

On the fitness side; I’ve been an NASM certified personal trainer since 2007 with specializations in weight loss, fitness nutrition and corrective exercise. I’ve worked at a dozen separate gyms with hundreds of clients and several amazing mentors.  On the spiritual side; I’ve studied with Russel Fiengold (author of Heart Wisdom), Len “Kensho” Silverston (ZenwithLen.com) and The Self-Realization Fellowship, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi).

I am deeply in my own process and I am constantly learning and recalibrating. I have subsequently learned to develop humility and humor within my process. My clients can expect empathy and bad dad jokes.

I am a great fit for clients who are striving for self-improvement and deep transformation. They are either losing weight, gaining strength or recovering from injury but they all want to feel better in their body, including emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Most of all, they need to have the ability to trust the process and laugh at themselves.

Kellian Festa

My spiritual journey began with my realization that being my true self was more than just my body and that I could unconditionally love myself, regardless of my physical appearance. Growing up overweight, my body size subjected me to a lot of bullying. However, through singing and music I found a way that I could “belong”. I found my musical gifts in my childhood and to some extent, I think it saved me from some of the worst bullying through my teen years. The trauma I endured however, led me to seek comfort in food, resulting in binge-eating disorder, and my weight problem became worse. With the weight, my depression and anxiety increased as well.

I pursued music school, choosing opera performance as my avenue. I was spiritually adrift; focusing all my energy on my schooling and performing. Performing made me happy, but the process of cut-throat auditions and constant competition heightened my anxiety. After graduate school I auditioned a bit, but finally decided that I would give up competing on the national level. My husband and I were married soon after.

During all of this, my weight was increasing as I comforted myself with food. Being out of the performing spotlight, I felt lost. I had nothing that made me *me* anymore. I blamed my weight. I thought losing the weight would change everything. It would all be better. So, in 2008 I had gastric bypass surgery. Over the next 2 years, I would lose 185 lbs, give birth to my second child, and realize that my weight loss could not cure the trauma that I still held in my body. I needed to make a choice. I chose to heal from the inside out.

My true healing could only begin once I understood it was never about the physical weight, but the weight I held in my heart. Therapy helped a great deal, and over the next several years I began to slowly understand who I truly was. This realization was, I suppose, where my spiritual freedom began. I studied and became a Reiki Master, and took in as much as I could on other healing modalities including crystal and chakra work. I started to understand that I needed to look for a spiritual home. A tribe of people who were searching and healing like I was. It was then that I found Nicole Oman.

I still can’t recall how I found Nicole on Facebook, doing daily tarot readings. But I knew her when I saw her. Like seeing a long-lost relative. Something just clicked. I felt like she was speaking to my heart and soul with each message. It was this “knowing” that had me diving head-first into my full-on spiritual awakening.

I have embraced aspects from many different healing avenues including crystal work, kundalini yoga, pranayama, mantra, and meditation. But the healing I have been gifted through my channeled vibrational work is unlike anything else. Sound healing has led me to find deep compassion and unconditional love for myself and others.

Fully learning to embody Divine compassion and unconditional love for myself has led me to passionately work to help others find it as well. Bringing trauma to the heart for full transmutation by the unconditional love of Source is my Soul Purpose. Through vibrational healing, I use my voice, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and drums to intuitively guide healing vibration into the blocks and wounded places. The vibration helps to soothe these places, as well as gently breaking them apart to be released. I also guide individuals using pranayama breathing techniques and activations to find their own voice for healing and strengthening the chakras and 4 body system. I am a vibrational connection to the Divine Source for all who wish to live their own Heaven on Earth.


Nicole Oman

My awakening began through a Satori experience at Disney when I was 23. During this experience I realized two major truths. That we are here to have experience. That all experiences are neutral, beyond duality, beyond good or bad. And that all beings have a seed of light within them. But most people had forgotten this seed of light because of the distortion around them. The freedom and joy I felt inspired me to commit to these truths and the realization that nothing else mattered without them.

After a four year relationship had fallen apart, I moved to India to live with Amma, the hugging saint. While living with Amma I saw what a true utopian life could be. True utopia was not that we did not have problems but that we dealt with them with authenticity, with truth, and with courage. It was a place where we communicated and lived together by dealing with who we are and our personality differences. She gave me the inspiration and hope that there could be communities that really lived with these ideals.

I reconnected with my now husband when I moved back to L.A.. Through this reconnection, I realized that my best mentors were my life and the relationships in my life. The divine relationship I have with my husband allows us to both shamanically die and rebirth over and over again into deeper authenticity and connection. It was through the trials and fires of my relationship and my life that I discovered my own true authenticity, love, and belonging.

When I became a mother I lost who I was in my spiritual work. I stopped taking one on one clients and took the time to learn and become mother. During that time I started making videos online. I quickly realized through the growth of my following that I had a message that was worth sharing. I decided to follow my dream of creating an ashram but took it online. I wanted to build a community that people could come to get support, to share their triumphs and their tribulations. This would be a place where people could learn, grow, and get my message.

Since the Golden Collective’s birth, it started giving people a sense of belonging. What I’ve realized in my almost two years of having the Golden Collective, is that a sense of belonging is more important than anything. This is a place where you don’t “fit in”. You belong because of who you actually are. It is a place where you can live your life with practical spiritual ideals, fully embodied and fulfilled.

If you feel like there is something missing in your life. If you are in a life crisis. If you are yearning for something but don’t know what it is. If you feel like there is a deeper truth, a deeper purpose, a deeper expression of yourself and life, then the Golden Collective, my teachings, and those of the community are here for you.